Travellers Rest Invitational

 TRI Schedule 2014[1]

What is Travellers Rest Invitational?

Every fall, the John Overton Band hosts its own contest called the Travellers Rest Invitational. It is an exciting day with many area bands attending and competing. All band students are expected to work the event and at least one parent must also work a shift in order to make this event the success it has been for the past several years.

2014 Travellers Rest Invitational will be Saturday, October 4. Each family was given a sign up sheet at Band Camp Registration to request specific areas of interest for working this event. If you did not receive a sign up sheet or for additional information please contact Debbie Koon or Lori Driggs at Each student and at least one parent or adult is required to work this event in order to insure it’s success.



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